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Want to quit smoking? Need to lose weight? Call Rev It Up! Hypnosis Center!

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss

Since 1998, Rev It Up! Hypnosis Center has been serving Thousand Oaks, CA, with professional hypnotherapy services. Hypnosis is used regularly by the US Military and Olympic Athletes around the globe and is recognized by the American Medical Association. Our certified hypnotists can help you change your life with weight loss, smoking cessation, or stress less services.

Want to Learn Hypnosis?

At Rev It Up! Hypnosis Center, we also train hypnosis to those interested in either fulfilling a career in hypnotherapy or improving skills in their current field. As a master-trainer in NLP and Time-Line Therapy™, Hypnotist Vicky Thomas trains in all levels of hypnosis from basic to advanced. As a founding member of the International Hypnotism Training Consultants, Vicky Thomas has trained basic hypnotherapy to sales people and health practitioners. For those wanting to improve Business Mentoring skills, advanced level training sessions are available. Our certified hypnotists have helped thousands achieve their goals and improve their lives through hypnosis.

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